Lesson 9: The Trademark Process


Traditionally, trademarks have consisted of words or designs or a combination of both. However, businesses are increasingly looking at other ways to create associations in the minds of consumers about the source of products or services through the use of non-traditional marks, such as those listed below.

Select each item for a brief explanation and an example of such a trademark registered in at least one country in the world.

A distinctive package or product shape.

For example, the shape of the Coca-Cola bottle in association with soft drinks.
A distinctive colour or a combinations of colours.

For example, the brown colour of the United Parcel Service Inc. delivery trucks and uniforms in association with delivery services.
A distinctive sound.

For example, the sound of Star Wars villain Darth Vaders breathing in association with toys.
A distinctive smell.

For example, a rose scent in association with automobile tires.
A distinctive three-dimensional image that performs trademark and authentication functions.

For example, a holographic image in the centre of a credit card.
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